• Historic Playhouse
    Historic Playhouse

    Phone: (989)366-9124 | (989)821-8433

    Many events, including live plays, musical concerts, community events and dances with music through the decades are hosted at the Playhouse. Call the Playhouse for schedule of performances (989)366-9124 or (989)821-8433.

  • Pines Theater
    Pines Theatre

    4673 W. Houghton Lake DrivePhone: (989)366-9226

    This 450-seat Log Cabin Chalet was designed by C. Howard Crane to look like a hunter's cabin. Originally opened in 1941 by W.J. Olson, who owned many theaters in Michigan at the time, the Pines features 40-foot cathedral log ceilings, a parquet wood floor, and a large collection of trophy game animals. Located at 4673 W. Houghton Lake Drive. They can be reached at (989)366-9226 for showings and prices.