What better opportunity to experience solitude or companionship, recreation or challenge, than to meander down the trail of Roscommon County.

    Hiking Trails

  • Lost Twin Lakes Pathway
    Lost Twin Lakes Pathway

    AuSable State Forest | S Reserve Road - Houghton Lake, MIPhone: (989) 821-6125Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing, BikingTrail Length: 3.3 MilesDirections to Trailhead: 7 miles south of Houghton Lake via M-55 & Reserve Rd (County Road 401).

    This 3 mile loop trail winds through an old growth pine forest. Designed for hiking and cross-country skiing this trail has several bridges, including a covered bridge. The trail contains scenic overviews of pristine wetlands areas.

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  • Marl Lake
    Marl Lake

    South Higgins Lake State Park | 106 State Park Drive - Roscommon, MI 48653Phone: (989) 821-6374Use: Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing

    In the area around Marl Lake there are three loop trails: Green Trail - 2 miles of trail, Red Trail - 3.5 mile loop much of it on the edge of the lake, Blue Trail - 5.5 mile loop with half of it along the edge of the lake.

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  • North Higgins Lake
    North Higgins Lake State Park Trails

    11747 N Higgins Lake Drive - Roscommon, MI 48653Phone: (989) 821-6125

    Consists of 3 loops through scenic wooded areas. The hiking trails are located across the road from the camping and beach areas behind the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum area.

    • Upland Nature Trail (1.5 miles)

      An Upland Nature Trail is a 1.5 mile trail which consists of hardwoods, pine and meadow areas. It also contains 27 fitness stations which describe a defined set of fitness activities that can be done along the trail.

    • Bosom Pines Trail (3.8 miles)

      Bosom Pines Trail is a 3.8 mile trail that winds through gently rising uplands areas of pine and hardwoods.

    • Beaver Creek Trail (6.5 miles)

      The Beaver Creek Trail is 6.5 miles of trail similar to the Bosom Pines Trail, offering a range of scenery.

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  • Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve
    Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve

    209 Maplehurst - Roscommon, MI 48653Phone: (989) 275-3217

    Peaceful hiking trails amongst mature white and red pine forest and cedar swamp. This is an area working to protect habitat and wildlife forever. The Preserve is open to the public from dawn until dusk. One trail is paved and wheelchair accessible.

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  • Skinner Park
    Skinner Park

    8555 Knapp Road - Houghton Lake (at Roscommon Twp hall)

    New half mile trail through the pine trees - also nice for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. A fitness trail is located at Skinner Park and is accessible from the Roscommon Township Hall parking lot on Knapp Road in Houghton Lake.

  • Red Pine Natural Area
    Red Pine Natural Area

    Eight miles north of St. Helen via F-97 & Sunset Road

    It has 1.5 miles that can be hiked, biked and skied. This is also an interpretive foot trail.

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  • Tisdale Triangle
    Tisdale Triangle

    ½ mile from Roscommon via M-18 and Tisdale Road

    Woodland areas of natural-groomed trails, the Tisdale Triangle is this stretch of trail is 8.5 miles and designed for mountain biking, hiking and cross-country skiing.

  • North Higgins Lake
    Lansing Road

    4 miles of Lansing Road between M18 and Flint Road(Dedicated as a Natural Beauty Road)

    It contains a large tract of natural white birch (which is believed to be the largest in Michigan). This large tract of land is traversed by the quietly flowing Cut River. A small bridge on Lansing Road allows fishing along the Cut River.

  • Mason Tract
    Mason Tract Pathway

    North entrance - 15 miles east of Grayling on M-72South entrance - about 5 miles north of Roscommon on Chase Bridge Rd. just off of M-18Phone: (989) 348-6371

    The trail is about 11.5 miles long, created for hiking and biking. This trail is part of the Mason retreat, which was donated to the state by the family of George Mason with the stipulation that this area remains forever a wilderness area. The Mason tract contains the ruins of the Durant Castle; it also contains a beautiful wilderness chapel.

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  • Hartwick Pines
    Hartwick Pines State Park

    4216 Ranger Road - GraylingPhone: (989)348-7068

    With an area of 9,672 acres, Hartwick Pines is the largest State Park in the Lower Peninsula. The park's rolling hills are built of ancient glacial deposit and overlook the valley of the East Branch of the AuSable River. It also has four small lakes and unique timberlands. The principal feature of this park is the 49-acre forest of Old Growth Pines, which gives the park its name. There is also a logging museum ¼ mile away from the Visitor Center which brings the logging industry into new light from one of Michigan’s largest remaining stands of virgin white pine.

  • Trail Etiquette
    Protect Michigan trails

    by not using them when muddy

    Riding or walking on a muddy trail destroys the surface. It leaves ruts/deep holes, uneven tire and footprints, contributes to erosion and creates a hard-to-fix trail surface. Hint: If you are leaving visible bicycle ruts, deep footprints or hoof tracks the trail is too muddy.

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